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Brick Pavers are an Ideal and Affordable way to Resurface Driveways and Patios with Unique Paver Patterns.

Looking for Pavers in Las Vegas? You have just found us! We are Artcon of Las Vegas when it comes to creating, designing and installing pavers. We have many years of experience and we offer many different shapes and sizes of pavers. Not to mention, we have a huge selection of different colored Pavers. No matter what you can dream up, our talented staff can create it.

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Artcon can help fulfill all your paver needs. We can turn your drab backyard patio into a beautiful entertaining space with our patio pavers. We have a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Our pavers also come in different colors to fit anyone’s taste. You can use different colors to make patterns and styles that will compliment your home. Our pavers will last a lifetime and give you an elegant look to your patio, driveway, walkways and pool decks. Artcon offers a free in-home estimate for your next project. You will be happy to know we use only our expert employees to install your new patio area. We never subcontract our work. This ensures you are only getting the best and most reliable workers doing the installation from Pavers in Las Vegas.

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Pavers Looking Fantastic & New

1) Sweeping - use a broom to sweep away dirt and debris from your paver stones frequently, especially if it looks like rain. Wet leaves and debris can stain your pavers, resulting in more cleanup in the future.

2) Rinse Pavers - use an attachment for your hose and rinse off your pavers. After a thorough sweeping, this will remove the leftover dirt and grim. Pressure washing is not necessary, unless standing water created mold or moss buildup.

3) Make a Cleaning Solution - With simple ingredients in a bucket (water and dish soap), you can make a cleaning solution to wash away stubborn stains. This will not clean up oil, that requires oil remover.

4) Use Sealer – by applying sealer to your pavers, you can keep your stones looking new. The paver stones must be dry and clean. Sealer can be applied yearly or every other year. This will give your stones a nice shine and prevent dirt and stains from penetration. This also makes the stones easier to clean where you can use just water.

5) Replace Pavers – if you have stones that are cracked or stained, you can replace the pavers and not disturb the stones around them. When you purchase paver stones, make sure to get extra for future replacements.

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