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Our team of skilled installers from Artcon, Inc. of Las Vegas is ready to serve you with all your paver needs. We know everything about patios, walkways, driveways, and even pool deck pavers! Our experts are who you want working at your home or business. Furthermore, since we only use our employees, you can rest assured you are getting the best of the best. We never subcontract out our work. If you are in the market for any type of pavers, let our experts give you a free in-home estimate and a design consultation too!

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Artcon handles all it's paver installation jobs. We only use our employees. No day workers or sub contractors. All installs are done professionally and within a given time frame. Depending on how elaborate your paver designs or layout will be, will determine how long the installation process will take. Normally, driveway pavers (depending on length of driveway) can take about a day. We give you a complete in home estimate on your paver installations.

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5 Reasons to Select Pavers Instead of Concrete

1) Stains & Other Imperfections are easily hidden - If you have an oil spill on concrete, the stain is a permanent blemish. With pavers, you can either flip the stone or replace it so the surface always looks new.

2) Pavers Offer Choices - you can do more with pavers as far as designs go, and they come in a variety of color choices. The design combinations are endless. 

3) Pavers are Ready After Installation - paver stones are ready as soon as they are installed. Concrete takes 3-5 days before it can be ready to walk on, or drive on. Pavers give no curing period and no waiting

4) Adjustments are Simple - the shifting of a concrete base can produce cracks which are costly to repairs, repairs that are still visible once fixed. If the paver's base shifts, remove the stones from the affected area, level when needed, and replace the same stones for your pristine look.

5) A More Secure Surface with Better Drainage - Since there are a number of joints between paving stones, rain drains away easier than with flat concrete, thus giving a more slip resistant surface. Plus, these stones or bricks are solid under your feet.

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