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We have a great team at Artcon, Inc. ready to help you with your next patio job! We can create a great outdoor space for you with patio pavers. Just like with our other products, our bricks or stones come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. We can also create different patterns and layouts for your new patio. Why not have our patio experts help with your next job? 

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Not sure which color or style matches with your current desert landscaping or house color? Let us help with a free design consultation and in-home estimate! Paver stone comes in a variety of different color choices, all of which can compliment any home's exterior.  And the layout varieties are endless! You can have a unique look for your new patio that is different from others.

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5 Reasons to Get Patio Pavers

1) Versatility- pavers provide this in material, function and design. They can be interlocking, rectangles, oblong or square. Material can be natural stone or brick. 

2) Design - there is no limitations when it comes to the patio paver designs you can do. With the different shapes of paver, the architectural style and pattern possibilities, there are many different configurations that can be achieved with this product.

3) Low Maintenance - regular sweeping, occasional rinsing, and possibly sealing and coating once a year or every other year will keep your stone or brick looking new for many years. 

4) Safe and Secure - pavers have the natural ability to be slip resistant. This is due to their great drainage ability of water because of all their seams and the material. Great for patios and pool decks.

5) Color Choices - the color choices are almost limitless. You can pick a color that goes well with your current landscaping and compliments your home's exterior color. Because of all the unique color choices, your paver design may not be the same as your neighbors or anyone else for that matter.

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What Other Types of Paver Do We Do?

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