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Is the deck not so great or in need of a facelift? No Problem! The pros at Artcon, Inc. can transform your pool patio by adding some decorative pool deck pavers. Our pavers are built to last, but if you have any problems, we will come back and make them right. The brick or stones from our company come in all sorts of sizes and colors, which can be mixed and matched to get the look you want for your brand new pool deck. 

The layout of the pool deck pavers can be in a variety of patterns as well, so you can rest assured your neighbor’s will not look exactly the same as yours. We have designs that are unique to your needs and desires. Our experts can design and help inspire your own designs into your new pool deck. Give us a call today at 702-706-0407 to set up your free in-home estimate!

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We can make steps with the pavers that go to different sections of your pool area. If you have a hot tub or water falls or any unique features to your swimming pool, our professional paver installers can give you a great look for those areas. There are a number of different configurations and layouts that can be produced. The possibilities are endless!

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5 Benefits for Using Pool Deck Pavers

1) Durability - stone and brick pavers are the best for your pool deck because they can withstand the harsh effects that can come from chlorinated or salt water pools. 

2) Safety - paver stones have a high resistance to wear and tear and provide a non-slip surface. Because of their natural ability to drain water, their surface stays slip resistant. 

3) Affordability - If using a mortar-less installation, pool deck pavers are a very cost-effective alternative. Repairs are easier and are less noticeable than repairing cracks in concrete. Plus, you don't have to spend money to have a contractor come do the repairs.

4) Variety -  concrete can give you some options for color, but it can get expensive when doing stamped concrete looks. Pavers already come in a variety of colors for you to choose from that will compliment your home's exterior. 

5) Installation DIY - this type of pool deck can be installed by a contractor or done by you. It is really that easy! Since you are not using mortar to hold the brick or stone in place, it can be easily done by yourself in a day or two.

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