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How About Walkway Pavers?

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By adding walkway pavers and steps to your front walkways, you can give your home an entirely new look. Why not make a meandering path in your backyard? Our hardscape designs use patio pavers and walkway pavers to make elegant paths and patios. Pavers Las Vegas has the know-how to make your walkways look fantastic and make your backyard (or front yard) the talk of the neighborhood thanks to your new walkway pavers

Our walkways can be laid out in a straight path or a curve. The design of your walkways is totally up to you. Just let Pavers Las Vegas know what you are looking for, get a design consultation and a free estimate and you are on your way to having the best looking walkways in the area.

Walkway Pavers Las Vegas

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Walkways add character to your landscaping, in the back or front yard. Paver stones come in a variety of colors and are great for these walkways. Artcon, Inc. can help with all your needs and even offers a free design consultation and in home estimate. We can help with all your questions and concerns and get the right stone or brick that you desire.

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5 Benefits of a Paver Walkway

1) No Weeds- when properly installed, the pavers will prevent the growth of weeds in the joints. Not all growth comes from underneath, most come from seeds brought by wind and rain and land in the joints.  

2) Design - there are no limitations when it comes to walkway paver designs. There are a wide variety of choices with shapes and sizes and patterns you can choose from to get the look you are wanting

3) Low Maintenance - to keep your pavers looking new, sweep regularly and rinse off debris with a hose attachment. This will help from wet leaves and debris from staining your stones or bricks. 

4) Safe and Secure - the natural makeup of brick/stone pavers is their ability to be slip resistant. This makes them particularly good for walkways and high traffic areas. 

5) Color Choices - paver stones and bricks come in numerous different colors, to give you that unique look for your walkway.

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